The waiting period for suppressors is now down to 12 to 14 weeks. Let us help you get approved!

$50 Transfer fee for all Class 3 items (full auto, SBR, Suppressors, AOW)

Now carrying Silencer Co., Thunderbeast and AAC, Huntertown Arms, Dead Air, KEG Mini Shotguns.

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When it comes to Class 3 weapons for sale, B&B Guns and Ammo offers a wide variety of options. Our tactical rifles for sale include everything from Bushmaster ACR rifles to Colt M4s to Barrett .50 BMGs.  Our inventory changes regularly – so you will want to check back often to browse our inventory of Class 3 tactical rifles and other weapons.

For more information, or to ask a question, please call us at (325) 673-3831 or email us at or fill out the Contact Form Here.

Remember that with Class 3 weapons, NFA rules apply.  But here at B&B Guns & Ammo, we can make your NFA Class III weapons purchase painless!  We can walk you through the process and will assist you in filling out the forms properly the first time.

If you have any questions on the process, or are unsure of what you need to get the process started, call us and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will help you!