Abilene’s best stocked and favorite gun store, B&B Guns and Ammo.

You will find all types of guns –  from long guns to handguns to military style weapons. Whatever you desire or need, we have it on our walls or in our cases and if we do not then we can track it down and get it into your hands.

Visit our Abilene gun shop and view various styles of weapons.

You should demand the perfect gun buying experience – at B&B Guns and Ammo, we want to deliver that.  Our guns are displayed in easy-to-view glass cases or in stands along the wall.  You are welcome to handle the gun before you buy and with our trained and knowledgeable staff,  your gun buying experience will not only be enjoyable – but easy.

YES, We do Trade-ins – and we are a straight shooters (pun intended) and will give you the best price for your gun!

We carry these types of guns and more:
Double Action Trigger Handgun
Single Action Trigger Handgun
Semi Automatic
Military Style