Trapping and Hunting Feral Hogs in Texas

Had Enough of Feeding Your Expensive Corn to These Guys?


BnB Guns and Ammo Has the Products You Need to Help You Eliminate Hogs and Predators!

BnB Carries:

  • Game Cameras
  • Bow-Mounted Hog Hunting Lights
  • Feeder-Mounted Hog Hunting Lights
  • Rifle-Mounted Hog Hunting Lights
  • Portable High-Powered Spotting Scopes


Rifle mounted hunting lightKill Light™ XLR 250 GREEN (Extreme Long Range Tactical Rifle Light System)
If you are looking for a heavy duty affordable long distance tactical light system for your rifle then look no further! This High powered Green LED light has an effective GUARANTEED range of up to 250 yards at an unbelievably affordable price! Take out those hogs, predators, raccoons and varmints by turning your hunting rifle into a night time killing machine! This light comes with everything you need to get your light set up on just about any type of rifle or shotgun.


LIGHTFORCE Portable Spotting ScopePortable Hunting Spotlight
LIGHTFORCE produces a wide range of lights, designed to enhance any situation that requires superior portable lighting that will not let you down.  Hailing from Australia, these lights are internationally recognized.  The lightweight ergonomic design delivers a hunting spotlight that is unequaled in light output, quality, durability and comfort for the user.


Wireless Digital Game Camera

UM562 Wireless Digital Scouting Game Camera
UM562 Sends you photos anywhere in the world! All you need is activated SIM card. It supports MMS/SMS/E-Mail via GSM Network.  It works with the wireless carrier like AT&T or T-mobile.  This camera works 24/7.  You can share the pictures with your friends, you can set it to send the images to multiple phone or emails.

Also great for security applications



High Power Only Kill Light™ XLR100 Super High Powered LED Bow Mounted LightHog hunting light you can attach to your bow

The ultimate, most powerful and deadliest bow mounted stabilizer light on this planet! Comes standard with a remote tactical pressure switch and a remote tactical ON/OFF switch. Also comes with a regular flashlight tailcap with push button ON/OFF switch to make the light a regular high power flashlight.  This light will run continuously for 2-4 hours on just one battery and you will always have a backup. This light can also run on two CR123A Lithium batteries or 3 very common AAA batteries.
This light will light up a path 15 yards wide at just 35 yards out –  Get ready to be impressed!


Light for hog hunting - mounted under a feederFEEDLITE™ Fully Automatic Hog Light System

This hog light system will automatically illuminate remote areas at night where animals feed or gather. This hog light system has been designed for long periods of use with extremely low maintenance.  This is a fully automatic, self contained, dependable and long lasting feeder lighting system that is ready to go out of the box.
Solar powered – and with proper charging will stay lit all night long.