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Keltec KSG 12ga Shotgun?

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We now carry:

  • Elusive Wildlife Technology Hog Lights
  • Lightforce Hunting Spotlights
  • UM562 Wireless Digital Scouting Game Camera
  • Meopta Rifle Scopes and Binoculars (read more below)
  • Bulletworks Hard Cast Premium Lead Bullets
  • Barts Ultra Benchrest Bullets

UM562 Wireless Digital Scouting Game Camera

Wireless Digital Game CameraUM562 Sends you photos anywhere in the world! All you need is activated SIM card. It supports MMS/SMS/E-Mail via GSM Network.  It works with the wireless carrier like AT&T or T-mobile.  This camera works 24/7.  You can share the pictures with your friends, you can set it to send the images to multiple phone or emails.

Also great for security applications

Sunflower Camo



We now carry Sunflower Camo. The pattern’s ability to conceal itself and blend in with natural surroundings will be referred to as almost cheating.



Long Range Tactical Rifle Light System

Rifle mounted hunting lightWe now carry Elusive Wildlife Technology Rifle Mounted Lights – these are their Extra Long Range Tactical Rifle Light. If you are looking for a heavy duty affordable long distance tactical light system for your rifle then look no further. These High powered LED lights hafe an effective GUARANTEED range of up to 250 yards at an unbelievably affordable price.

Take out those hogs, predators, raccoons and varmints by turning your hunting rifle into a night time killing machine. This light comes with everything you need to get your light set up on just about any type of rifle or shotgun.

Lightforce Portable Lighting Systems

Portable Hunting SpotlightLIGHTFORCE produces a wide range of lights, designed to enhance any situation that requires superior portable lighting that will not let you down.  Hailing from Australia, these lights are internationally recognized.  The lightweight ergonomic design delivers a hunting spotlight that is unequaled in light output, quality, durability and comfort for the user.



Meopta Rifle Scopes

Meopta rifle/sniper scopes are designed to meet the demands of special operations forces and long distance shooters who demand top optical performance under the most extreme conditions.

Meopta Rifle Scope Features and Benefits

  • Advanced internal optical design allows for precise aiming at up to 2000 meters
  • Selection of reticles designed in accordance with field use feedback with the possibility of reticle illumination during adverse light conditions
  • Antireflective MEO-BRITE lens coatings provide maximum light transmission throughout the optical system
  • Enhanced mechanical endurance thanks to specialized alloys (aircraft grade aluminum 6061-T651)
  • 100% waterproof scopes and water resistant inner surfaces
  • Rectification knobs with extremely large scale of vertical adjustment (in accordance with bullet ballistics) enabling you to shoot accurately at a maximum distance for each weapon used