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Sell Your Guns

Selling your guns at B&B is easy, and fair. 

We will work with you to make sure you get a fair price for your gun and that it is sold quickly.

There are three methods you can choose from to sell your gun. Each provides various benefits so choose the method that best suits your needs.

Outright Sale – Selling your gun to us will provide you instant cash as the transaction will be completed within minutes after the gun is evaluated by our buyer.

Consignment Sale – This approach will normally net you the most money for your gun.  We will price the gun at a fair market value based on the condition of the gun and we receive a 15% commission (this is adjustable for higher end guns).  You will receive payment when the gun is sold.

Consignment Auction – Some guns typically sell for higher prices through auction than in our store. They can also sell more quickly through auction.  This will depend on the specific model and condition of your gun – and our sales experts will help you with this information.

Or you can choose to trade in your gun.  If you are looking for a used or new gun, we will give you top dollar for your trade-in gun.

If you live close to Abilene, you can  bring your guns to our store (see map in Contact Us), we can evaluate the gun and then help you determine which sale option will be best sale for you.

If you do not live near Abilene, please give us a call at 325-673-3831.  We can help you in various ways to simplify the selling process.

For more sizable collections, arrangements can be made for a personnel visit to your location.

We also specialize in Estate and Gun Collection Liquidation.

When you are ready to sell your guns, please give us a call.

Click here if you have digital pictures of your gun or prefer to contact us by E-mail.

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