3 Things You Must Know Before You Get Your Concealed Carry License in Texas

Texas CHL Reciprocity map

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Carrying a concealed weapon is a privilege we have in the State of Texas. But it is not a good choice for everyone. The right to carry a gun is a serious responsibility and is not for those who lack discipline, restraint and good judgment.
Are you the kind of person who should get a concealed carry license?

Read the following and make sure you are the kind of person who will carry a firearm responsibly.


1. As a CHL Holder, You Must Be Teachable. In order to earn the right to carry a concealed weapon, you will need to learn several things. You do not want to go into this thinking you know everything there is to know just because you have been shooting since you were four.

Ignorance of the laws is no excuse when you are given such a heavy privilege. The laws can be confusing, but you must know what they are. If you break the law, you can lose your gun rights or worse.
On the other hand, if you rarely shoot, don’t get into this thinking that you can learn, get your license and then rest on your laurels. Shooting is just like any other skill – if you don’t practice, you will not know what to do in an emergency.

The skills needed for life-and-death situations must be memorized, practiced and become as natural as breathing. Otherwise, you WON’T react the way you need to.

2. As a CHL Holder, You Must Know Your Equipment. If you want to take up running, you won’t make it to the Boston Marathon without practice. When you are relying on a gun for an emergency situation – your survival depends upon your practice.

If you do not know your gun, holster, and other equipment, intimately, how will you be able to operate it all smoothly and efficiently in an emergency? This goes hand in hand with the 1st item above, as a chl owner, you must be willing and able to practice regularly, so that if you ever need it, you won’t have to think about the skills and steps necessary to use it.

3. As a CHL Holder, You Must Be Willing.  Don’t carry a gun if you are not willing to use it, but don’t ever use it if you are not sure you must.

You must be willing to use the gun.   This involves both of the above steps, but also a willing mindset that allows you to do what you must do in a life or death confrontation. If you find yourself in the gravest of danger, you must be willing to use deadly force – but ONLY when you believe your life or another life for which you are responsible is in imminent danger as a result of your being confronted by someone who presents an immediate and unavoidable threat of death or grave bodily harm.  This mindset may not come naturally, so…

You must be willing to learn, to practice and to be even-tempered.    A CHL holder must be reasonable, calm under duress and never impulsive or rash.  We carry a gun for self-defense, not for intimidation. So, thinking clearly is a necessity – and is not possible if all of the above is not followed.  Carrying a concealed weapon is for the good guys (and, yes, girls)!

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